About the Company

A production company based in Venice, California proficient in COMMERCIAL, PROMO, DOCUMENTARY and NARRATIVE production. VICTORHOUSE is composed of seasoned professionals who will guide your project from conceptual development through physical production and finishing with cutting edge post techniques. From start to finish, you can trust VICTORHOUSE to deliver, and at a budget you can afford.


The origins of the name VICTORHOUSE are found in director/editor Ty Clancey’s early fascination with Surrealism and, in particular, surrealist painter Victor Brauner’s piece, The Strange Case of Mr. K, for which Mr. Clancey’s first screenplay was written. When the idea of an independent production company based out of Venice, CA was birthed, Mr. Clancey wanted to pay homage to Victor Brauner while also stating that this particular production company would be an all-in-one production house where clients would be handled exclusively from start to finish under one roof. Hence the name — VICTORHOUSE


Director, Writer, Producer

An international award-winning writer/director, Ty Clancey is a graduate of SMU School of Film and Media Arts and New York Film Academy.  Ty’s early credits include “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters” before earning worldwide accolades with the comedy team “The Lost Nomads” featuring Josh Gad. Ty has directed two digital series for Fox; was E.P. and director of “Gigi: Almost American” on Hulu; wrote and directed over 70 episodes of “Marvel Mashup” on Disney XD; was show runner and director of the mystery mini-series “Cryptid” on History Channel and the Brazilian adventure series “Treasure Quest: Snake Island” for Discovery Channel; directed the comedy series “This Isn’t Working” for ABCd; and most recently directed the immersive “People of Earth” VR experience at Comic-Con for TBS.


Executive Producer

Bo started his journey in production at the advertising agency CAMPBELL EWALD. There, he worked on the CHEVROLET and FARMERS INSURANCE accounts. During his time on the client side, he realized he wanted to be on the other side of the production fence and hasn’t looked back. Bo has worked at numerous production companies including Stun Creative, World War 7, Imaginary Forces, to name a few. He has experience shooting in many cities across the US and worldwide. He is known for creating the production phrases, “Let’s do this!” and “Booyah!"


Executive Producer
An entrepreneur with years of experience in film and commercials as well as content licensing, Gunnar Clancey graduated from Northwestern University with an Industrial Engineering degree. He decided not to pursue a career path destined for his choice of degree, but instead to focus on filmmaking. Gunnar began his new career by spending two and a half years as Paula Wagner’s (former CEO of United Artists and Tom Cruise’s producing partner) executive assistant. There he learned everything about development, production, and marketing major motion pictures. He used these skills to assist in the production of KNUCKLE SANDWICH, where his duties included all day-to-day operations and consulting on the post-production. Following the completion of this film, Gunnar worked his way up the commercial production ladder, becoming a coordinator, production manager, and producer on commercials and music videos.